How to pay your bill

Payment by Direct Debit from your bank account

You can have the amount of your monthly electric bill deducted automatically from your account (city bank, local bank or Japan Post Bank ). You don't need to go to pay every month, so it's convenient.

How to make a request

Request at the bank or our office

Please fill out the Direct Debit Request form at the bank which accepts our bills or Tohoku Electric Power co. near you.

What to bring

  • "Notice of electricity consumption" or receipt
  • Bankbook from your account
  • Personal seal used in the bankbook

Request by mail

For more information, please call us.


Open hours

Monday - Friday
9a.m. - 5p.m. (Closed on national holidays )

*Except for New Year's Holiday ( December 29th - January 3rd )

*Lines are busy from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Thank you in advance for your kind understanding and cooperation.

Types of application < Please ask for the application form >

  • Direct debit request form
  • Request form to specify your direct debit date
  • Application form for payment by credit card

Until the application procedure of Direct Debit is completed, please pay by a voucher at your nearest bank, post office, or convenience store that accepts our bills.
You will be notified the first direct debit date by mail as soon as the procedure is completed.

Payment by Credit Card

What's payment by credit card?

This is a means of payment when your credit card company pays your electricity bills on your behalf, and the payment will be deducted from your account together with other payments from your credit card.

This is not a means of payment by presenting your credit card to pay directly at the counter.

Payment by credit card does not apply to customers with a high voltage power contract, or collectively billed customers in an electricity contract with Tohoku Electric Power.

The process of determining the charges

Credit cards accepted

We accept the following credit cards:

Payment by a voucher

This is a means of payment by a voucher delivered from our company. You can pay by using this voucher at your nearest bank, post office, or convenience store that accepts our bills.

Some payment vouchers cannot be accepted at convenience stores.

Convenience Stores which accept payment vouchers

  • Seven-Eleven
  • Lawson
  • Family Mart
  • Daily Yamazaki
  • Yamazaki Daily Store
  • Yamazaki Special Partnership Shop
  • New Yamazaki Daily Store
  • Circle K Sunkus
  • Ministop
  • Community Store
  • Save On
  • Shops with MMK (Multimedia Kiosk)