Beginning and Ending Electricity Service

When your moving date is fixed

Please call Tohoku Electric Power when your moving date is fixed.

When you want to discontinue service

Notice of electricity consumption

The following matters are required for the application procedure. Please prepare your "Notice of electricity consumption", or receipt in hand in order to know your Customer Identification Number to complete the process smoothly.

  1. Customer Identification Number
  2. Name, Address
  3. Moving date
  4. New address

When you want to start service

The following matters are required for the application procedure.

  1. Address (Address for electricity service)
  2. Name (Customer)
  3. The date you wish to start electricity service
  4. Preferred ampere capacity (In case of Meter-Rate Lighting B)
  5. How to pay your bill

When you cannot use electricity service even if you have already made a request to start electricity service, and switch on the SB(Service Breaker), please call Tohoku Electric Power call center, 0120-175-366.

Because of the difference of the frequency of power in the area of your new address, some electric appliances cannot be used.

Fujigawa River in Shizuoka and Itoigawa River in Niigata separate Japan. It is 50 hertz in the Eastern part, and 60 hertz in the Western part.

Within Tohoku and Niigata, in most of the parts, the frequency is 50 hertz. But in some parts of Myoko city and Itoigawa city, and the whole area of Sado city in Niigata, it is 60 hertz.

【Area of 60 hertz】
Niigata Prefecture
●Whole area of Sado city
●Myoko city : Tarumoto hei district ( Madarao )
●Itoigawa city : Hashidate, Shimizukura, Ichiburi, Tamanoki, Agero district