Website Terms of Use

Website terms of use

Thank you for visiting the website of Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. (hereinafter, “this website”). Please be aware of the following terms regarding use of this website.

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We are committed to enhancing the accessibility of this website so that it can be used by as many people as possible.

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Reference standard
JIS X 8341-3: “Accessibility guidelines for elderly or disabled people—Information communication technology equipment, software, and services—Part 3: Web contents”


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Unless otherwise permitted by laws such as the Copyright Act, copying, transmitting, distributing, modifying or deleting Information on this website for the purpose of personal use without prior consent from us, the author, or other right holders is prohibited.

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If you would like to link your website to this website, please contact us through “Contact us”on this website after setting a link.

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If you would like to use our logo to link to our website, please contact us through “Contact us” on this website.

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We may use technologies such as JavaScript and Cookies to analyze how visitors use this website. You can disable these technologies by changing settings in your browser. In this case, however, this website may not work correctly or may not be displayed correctly. For information on how to change settings, please contact the manufacturer of your browser. Data collected by using JavaScript or Cookies do not include any personally identifiable information.

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This website records information about users in the form of an access log. The information includes users’ IP address, host name, browser, and date and time of access but no personally identifiable information.

The access log is used only for the maintenance of this website and the statistical analysis of access, and not for other purposes.

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Some pages on this website use a web beacon (also known as “clear GIF”), which is a technology to measure user traffic to a specific website. Statistical data obtained by using a web beacon are used for the purpose of improvement of this website.

We make no warranties as to the adequacy and accuracy of Information provided on this website and assume no responsibility for any loss or damage caused by using this website.

We may change Information provided on this website (including the Website Terms of Use) or may suspend or discontinue the service of this website without any prior notice.

All controversies and disputes related to this website shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan, and unless otherwise provided, the Sendai District Court has exclusive first instance jurisdiction in such cases.