Corporate Governance

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  The Company has established the "Tohoku Electric Power Group Management Vision 2020 - Together with Local Communities" program, continuing its efforts to be a corporate group that grows together with the local community and plays an essential role in it. The Company will proactively adapt itself to changes in the business environment in the future and engage in continuous dialogue with its stakeholders, with the aim of producing a management culture that creates its own distinctive character in collaboration with the local community.
  Under this principle to ensure proper business management, the Company is endeavoring to enhance its corporate governance by securing legal compliance and corporate ethics, as well as conducting sincere, fair and transparent business activities, and increasing the rigor of our internal control and risk management.
  Recognizing that enhancement of corporate governance is one of the key management issues, the Company will engage in initiatives to achieve sustainable growth and raise mid- to long-term corporate value, such as improving the agility, soundness and transparency of management in accordance with the following policies, in order to meet stakeholders' expectations.

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